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#139437 - I went over and took a seat, and both girls joined me-one on either side of me You like a drink? asked the younger (and more attractive) of them She had a natural beauty-she wasn't even wearing any makeup-that captivated me. Then I realised (with mounting excitement) that 1) Pattaya never closes all night and 2) I wasn't actually very tired-just suffering from a touch of post-carnal 'Ennui!' It was now 3am and the night was still relatively young-so why not go for it? I got the taxi driver to drop me off just around the block from where I had been before and started walking I must have been propositioned at least 20 times during the walk down the street, but my resolve was firm, I was determined to get to drink my cup of tea this time! Then I heard someone call out to me-hey you-naughty boy! over here! over here! I went across to the bar girl who was calling out at me. Boy was this girl horny! She just couldn't seem to get enough of it.

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