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#263518 - Four hours later I collapse on the floor totally exhausted, but also completely satisfied. It had been nearly six months since my unintentional tumble down the stairs now and although I'm physically all right the strange re-occurring dream still confuses me, but at the same time excites me, my pussy is witness to that, is it possible? Can I really do that? My dream suggests it is. As the pleasure increased to a un-inmaginal height I became more daring and confident, I started to slide the second electrode deeper inside my juice filled pussy then pulling it almost all the way out altering the intensity of pleasure, I can't believe what I'm actually doing masturbating with electricity, the pleasure is of the scale and I'm like a woman possessed as I grab my pillows and push them between my strong thighs, roll over to the edge of the bed, straddle the mattress and hump like a crazy woman, the bed violently slamming agaist the wall as I pound into the pillows and ma

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