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#94797 - When I sat back down I poured another drink for Kate and I and I made sure I was sitting a little further along the sofa this time but not right next kate. We moved Kate to the floor and put her on position. With out warning Tyson Jumped up and forward on to kate back grabbing her round the waist with his front paws my eyes were instantly drawn to where Tyson cock was which was massive about 9 inches hanging out of its sheaf and what seemed like slow mo it found its mark first time as he rammed it home in to kate’s pussy we was waiting for Kate to scream get him of me but the only words that come out of Kate mouth was “ oh fuck yes, fuck me” Tyson never let up for about 5 minutes fucking her hard and fast I couldn't take my eyes of Tyson ramming home his big fat cock into my best friends pussy.

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Who is the woman at the end of hentai
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Fuck that was hot she pounded her