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#240730 - You push me down on to my knees and tell me to get under him now slut I make my way under the massive imposeing stallion and face you all I here you say is wank that horse cock for me I slowy rap my hands around it and start to rub it with my hands . Blindfolded he felt himself being put on the back seat and being told to lay on all 4s and relax After what felt like a age of driving his Mistress stopped the car and got out and garbled is collar and pulled him out of the back he tryed to stand put she kicked him hard in the balls putting him on the floor and told him that he belonged on all 4s and she wanted him to crawl for her . So over the next months she made soure to tease him with her body and and mind and slowly make him ready for what's to come by making him a dribbling idiot who would do anything to get to cum.

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