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#296870 - A couple of days later, we were back in the pumphouse with Bowser, who had walked through the woods with us this time. She had found that he normally liked to lick her pussy after he had fucked her, like he normally would with a female dog; this would stimulate the female dog’s vaginal opening and cause it to close and seal itself with a mucous plug, keeping his cum, and sperm, safely inside and give him the best chance of getting her pregnant, while preventing other males from mating with her. I had already fucked Carla, probably the fastest and most furious fuck we had ever had, and had been busy eating her pussy for several minutes, making sure she came too, when a big German shepherd mix wandered through the open door.

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Okay i understand that we live far from each other but i would like to know if you would do a massage like that for me kiss
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I like his clothes