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#23318 - at that point i opened his door open standing with my tits out allowing him to see my near naked body, i grabbed his shaking hand and walked him to the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet. i then knelt side on to his genitals and placed my hand softly on his hairless ballsack and cupped it gently, he gived out a little moan trying to raise his head up, i put my hand on his smooth chest and carmed him saying ben, its ok if you want to moan baby, like i did when you were feeling me remember? mmm- mmm- ok he said through his deep breaths just dont moan to load ok? what were doing is really naughty and your mummy will be mad at us both if we get caught, ok kidda? so dont tell anyone this can be are secret yeah? yeh he said quickly just dont tell my daddy about the nudey mags please he said worryingly.

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