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#142859 - John said “sorry mate but it was the first time anything like that had happened and I overreacted, I didn’t realise how much she would enjoy it and thought you were hurting her” The Guy apologised saying” well I’m sorry I got carried away but not many women have been able to take me so when the head popped in I just kept going” I noticed that his cock was starting to grow as he kept glancing at me and I was still pretty turned on so I said giggling “perhaps we can make it up to you?” and tried to wrap my fingers around his growing cock. It was sliding in and out easily and I knew that the new position was getting big boy off as he kept pushing that thing deeper until finally I had taken it all. “Oh, you’re both in here?” she said in surprise, “well after last night there didn’t seem to be any point being coy” I said as I finished off and washed my hands “well go have your breakfasts while I have my shower” said Kathy as Sue stepped out.

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