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#131834 - She let out a soft, “Ah,” as she lifted her hands up over her head, letting him lift her dress up and off, casting it aside on the floor where it was, after a second, joined by his shirt. After only a few minutes he was biting his lip, urging his hips up and down in rhythm with the movement of her lips, slowly fucking her face with his sizable cock, her red lips almost making it to the base of the cock by the time he felt his pleasure starting to build her cock easily slipping into her throat with each stroke, threatening to push him over the edge. He spoke quietly, making her lean forward slightly against the table to hear, “I’m pretty sure I’d break them, they’re skinny like sticks, who wouldn’t prefer someone with a few curves here and there?” Faith tilted her head some and raised her hand to tuck a few stray hands of her auburn red hair behind an ear as she sat back up, she was wearing it in a ponytail, but the action was habit to her.

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