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#107418 - Heather smiled at John as she knew he had seen her panties again, John reversed out of the packing space and drove out through the car park and asked Heather for directions so she told him to turn right so he did, as they drove Heather gave more directions to her house and soon they arrived at her house. John was driving home when he decided to stop and get takeaway for dinner as he got out of his car he put his hand in his pocket and felt a piece of paper he quickly opened it and saw Heathers Mobile number and short message that said “thank you for today text me soon love Heather” John smiled and folded the paper up and put it in his pocket then went in and ordered his dinner, John got his dinner and went back to his car and sent a quick text message to Heather which said “ i enjoyed it too look forward to seeing you again soon love John” back at Heathers house her phone beeped with a text she picked up her phone and opened it to see it was from John so Heather still feeling naughty

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