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#355755 - Just in time to catch the blinding light of a flash bang I coudnt hear anything after that, it all just seemed to go south I felt my sidearm taken away and I was forced to the ground hard My medical pack was stripped off of me first, then they pulled off my Kevlar vest, finally I could see Just in time to catch a glimpse of a knife coming out of its sheath, I started to back away, and a hand caught my hair “get that bitch on her feet’’ came a womans voice ‘’and hand me a knife’’ I felt myself dragged off the sandy ground by my hair and I saw the woman She was stunningly beautiful even though she looked over 50 She took the knife, what I recognized instantly as a marine issue K-bar The woman took the knife and cut through the tough material of her fatigue top like it was tissue paper And ripped open exposing my DD breasts firmly held in place by a bra 2 sizes too small She sliced that off too and my breasts came out to the insurgents delight She then cut through my pants

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I need a milf to take care of me
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Amazing as always