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#206880 - ” “Maybe later, but for now I have to go meet someone at the skate park, some asshole didn’t pay me yet for the weed I sold him!” “You sell weed?!” they said in unison. I watched her for the next four minutes, fucking the chair, until she hit climax, she stood up, started rubbing her clit and I saw her squirt! She collapsed, and all the while, I had my cock whipped out, jerking off profusely, until I went off myself to her unconscious body. The next day, I saw her pouring herself some breakfast, “Don’t hog it all!” “Well, what if I want a large mixer bowl full of cereal?” “Well then, you can kiss my ass!” “Ha-ha, your funny!” we are actually good friends, but we pretend to hate on each other just for the fun of it.

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