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#43233 - His tongue tip was traveling up and down from my clit to my slit, pushing it in between my pussy lips, moving in circles then using the help of his fingers to run between my pussy lips pushing a finger deeper in me. We both laid there in bed as I asked him “what did you do to me uncle Steve?” He laughed loud saying “nothing, I fucked you, I know you loved it, can you deny that?” I kissed him saying “no I can’t, it was beautiful, but I am your daughter’s close friend?” He said” I won’t tell her, will you?” I naughtily told him, I may tell her, he laughed and said “if you tell my daughter about it, then I would have to tell her, you seduced me by coming into her house panty less and braless, flashing your bare, lovely, tempting and gorgeous assets to my pussy hungry eyes” My mouth dropped open of a shock, I looked him deep in the eyes saying a little loud “but I swear I did not mean it, I did not do it purposely, it was just a coincidence, I had to run here quick, I did not wa

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