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#44735 - Ben was praying that the warmth would engulf his cock and fulfil his biggest fantasy, Getting his cock sucked by his handsome big brother. It was Monday morning before the two boys were alone, Scott was delegated to drive Ben to his part time job in mum’s car, She had taken the day off work to spend some time with her mother, it would give them a chance to catch up in woman gossip, with Dad at work and the boys out of the house. It only lasted a few minutes, but in those minutes a life time of lusting was satisfied for both boys, The phone ringing brought their passion to a quick end, it was Dad’s name flashing on the caller display, Scott tried to control his heavy breathing as he answered the call, “Hi Scott it is Dad, just to let you know we will not be home tonight, Aunt Jane is insisting that we stay over and have a drink, Will you two boy’s be ok on your own” “Yea Dad don’t worry about us, we will look after each other” “Ok goodnight, if you need me call me on my m

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Saber alter
Like if we should film more quickies
Im so glad a girl talked about this personally i feel so bad about my penis i think you should talk about this on youtube where you can reach more people