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#236262 - He kicked Sasha’s legs apart and stood behind her then forced his donkey cock into her pussy to start fucking her, Martin was lifting Sasha off her feet as he fucked her, he stopped ramming his thick shaft up her pussy and spun Sasha around to start sucking her nipples while finger fucking her then all of a sudden Martin stepped back and punched her in the stomach then did it again. Annie and l began kissing, her knickers soon came off, next l had Annie on all fours and my shaft nicely inserted in her pussy, she moaned softly as l fucked her faster, l could feel her juices running from her hole over my balls and down my inner thighs, Annie had missed a cock wedged deep inside her by the soft low moans and sighs she was making. It was a Thursday and l was on late opening shift, so before going into work l went to see Tina in hospital, she was eager to be fucked even though 28 hours earlier had just had a baby then as l was leaving my sister whispered, l was to visit her in the aftern

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