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#362448 - So clive came and knelt between my legs, lifted them in the air and rested them on his shoulders, he used a lot of my precum to grease me up and then he slowly eased his cock up my arsehole, it was quite tight and painful at first but then it got a lot better, as he began to pump in and out and boy it felt good, my dick was rock hard. my parents wouldn't be there but they said that they came round to say hello to me, they had a bottle of wine with them which i thought was a bit strange but i invited them in and Rodger opened the wine a poured us all a drink and we got comfortable on the sofa infront of the open fire. Then i couldn't believe what happened next but Clive began to kiss me really passionately, his tongue massaging mine, while we kissed Rodger stroked my face and hair and started to nibble on my ears and kiss them as me and Clive continued to kiss then we stopped and i turned my head to Rodger and kissed him, massaging tongues with him and kissing in a very sexy

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Please make more hentais like this this kind of hentai i saw for the first time is amazing the hair like this attracts a lot towards the back this is my fav hentai thanks for this
Yuuta togashi
Its piper blush