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#201745 - That night under the cover of darkness she makes her way down to the docks and finds the factory, using her long thin metal wire attached to a grappling hook to climb on to the roof she then uses her flashlight and finds the ventalation system. Leaning against the south wall about an hour later the Orcs are ready for round two and they brutally gangrape Ayame again but this time one of the Orcs cums deep in her mouth forcing her to swallow all of his sperm, she's gagging as she swallows. Then he says The best part is everyone thinks your dead so no one will ever look for you , Ayame says Do your worst you won't break me , Rikimarue laughs and says Oh I'm not going to do anything to you but I know some demons that love raping Taimanin and their going to pay me large sums of money to do it .

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Ichika orimura
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I love her
Misaki suzuhara
That was true