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#227633 - Oh yeah – if Mark WAS awake after all, he was now about the most frustrated and horny guy in the dorm – and he was going to have to suffer the night like that! I smirked about that to myself then looked over – yep, his cock was still hard – the wet spot had grown … but his eyes were still closed. Muffled by my kisses, she was struggling to stay quiet, keep breathing, and avoid what was surely going to be an astronomically loud orgasm if we weren’t careful! With my other arm, I kept pulling her body tight to me, holding her, kissing her, muffling her – while she frantically rode up and down… up and down…. I don’t know where he was – and I really wanted to know if he’d been awake.

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Yuzu kurosaki
She can jack my cock any time she likes
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