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#303696 - Why, she gasp out between laughs, would I want to help a bunch of bullies and non caring ass holes who only want to grab as much power as they can, step on everyone else and kill anyone who says different? The tall man was taken aback as he leaned back and let her rant and rave about the empire. A year later the war wasn't going well for the empire and a courrier arrived with their first important mission. Mary had never seen a surveillance system as detailed and high tech as this just who was this? After it played out he looked again at her I have need of your services you will work with me directly not the empire he didn't want her to know he had his own issues with the governing body.

Read Defloration Kimi no Kanojo ni "Nakadashi" Shimasu - Original Gordita Kimi no Kanojo ni "Nakadashi" Shimasu

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