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#268452 - As Lileanth finished writing her phrase darkness swirled around Cindy's feet, tendrils of it reaching up and wrapping around her jeans. Realising that she had been holding her breath while examining the demon she let it out with a gasp and internally cursed herself, all of her demanour of 30 seconds ago had evaporated within moments of seeing Lileanth! She drew herself up to her full height, desperately trying to ignore the wetness beginning to soak into her panties. Lileanth softly traced her fingers around Cindy's cunt, chuckling softly as the girl bucked her hips in desperation, slowly running her fingers over the Cindy's clit and feeling her moan into Lilneath's pussy as her entire body shuddered, then coating her fingers in Cindy's wetness before slowly easing two fingers inside the girl.

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