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#374727 - ” I interrupted her “Ok I get the point but why are you here? I don’t suppose I’m some prince from an undisclosed planet” The being didn’t acknowledge my snide remark but replied with “ On the contrary, I was banished to this planet a long time ago by the general of my planets armies for insubordination, he wanted to murder Billions of innocent lives and I defended those lives, so he sent me to live with the most destructive beings that are known in our galaxy” I felt sorry for her “he left me with nothing but a year’s supply of dried food pills and the clothes I have on now” I felt really sorry for her now, what had she been doing all this time? “How long has it been since you washed?” the being gave me a short stare “3 years ago” she said. I went to my bed eagerly awaiting her arousing stare, and like clockwork when I wasn’t looking at the corner of my room she appeared there. Droxyls tongue moves slowly and rhythmically as she sucks up and down my dick, I revel in how good my

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Sumireko usami
Love that scrumptious ass luv
Seiya uzaki
Really her name ha
Haruka tenoh
Que rabao maravilhoso em dread puta merda meu sonho de consumo
Tiktok told me this was supposed to be bo2 that i could play on my chrome book wtf