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#56768 - Nibbling harder now her breath grew more rugged, he looked up to see the list on her face, her lips pouted lightly, her face flushed red, she smirked down at him, and as she looked him in the eyes she brought his hands up to her mouth, taking one of his fingers she gently licked it, lightly kissed the top her tongue slid across it, he felt his groin tighten, she knew what she was doing to him and she loved it. His eyes drifted down to her beasts as she leant forwards, the spilled out of her bra slightly, he could almost see her nipples, he just wanted to rip the dam bra off, as his mind drifted she sat herself on his lap, her hips gently grinding against his now very responsive dick, she had his attention now, he groaned from the feel, but as he did she moved off him, she smiled her smile, she knew just how to get to him, it wasn't that hard. She walked forwards her hips swaying suggestively, she pushed him back into his seat getting ever close to him, you know the rules

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