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#59755 - She then pressed up right agenst me pressing right up agenst my errection I was sure she could feel it now then she asked me to start so for about ten minutes I just rubbed her back then my sister came in and they started talking Kelly said that I was reely good at backrubs and so my sister asked if I could do her next but Kelly said I might be a while she started suttley grinding agenst my errection not so much as so my sister could see but it made it very hard to talk or even keep a straight face while they were talking and then Kelly said that backrubs make her wet and I almost blew my load in my pants right there and then but she continued grinding and she then put her hand behind her back I then blew my load feeling her hand on my hard cock and I stopped rubbing her back then my sister said oh good your finished you can do me now but Kelly said maybe later john has to clean him self up now and my sister looked puzzled but didn’t question it so I went upstairs passed Mary in the ha

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