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#166751 - The head of Walt's cock strained the lips of the tight little pussy, causing Brenda to beg him to go slowly, but cnce the head had entered the soft canal, he drove his penis to the hilt with one mighty shove. All Walt could do was mumble the words, Fucking beautiful, so fucking beautiful! Brenda too was not disappointed in what she saw. Why don't we go to my place, Brenda offered, my mom is gone, and we can have the place to ourselves! Sounds good to me, Walt replied, while thinking that this one was gonna be even easier than he thought! Mom's out on a date herself, said Brenda, and she won't be home until morning! How about a drink, Walt asked, as he looked the place over!?! While Brenda mixed him a drink, Walt sat down on the couch and put his feet upon the coffee table and turned on the television.

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Kiyone makibi
Esta buenasa
Setsuna yuki
You made us horny for using this toy hope we find this one to try it thx letty