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#214814 - She’d pick up my belt and start beating my ass, once I could crawl I’d move onto the bed kneeling there as she pulled down my underwear and beat my bear butt, by the second week I had told her about my sisters. Lisa was really getting into kicking me in the nuts and beating me now, and after hearing about my sister she had my balls tied up, and pulled high up between my ass so she could beat on them as she whipped me until I cried like a baby for her to stop; I loved it, it was just like Mom and Sis use to do. That’s how I grow to love getting kneed or kicked by females, Now I need and want my girlfriends to hurt me this way, to humiliate me, and tell me it’s all my fault.

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Lindy harlaown
I want that
Why you watch it then dh
Izuru kira
I m gonna just keep hoping this happens to me one day in portland lmaoooo
Chiyo sakura
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