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#390180 - The guards moved in, the men stared at Mark as they were taken away asking them who he was they explained that he was the new maintenance man and they stared mouths agape then they started to curse each other saying that they should have known that they couldn't beat a fully operational palace. He looked down at his comp again and shook his head this place was a disaster the machines that repaired the building were idle, the trash bots were idle, oh my god! did nothing work here at all? Walking in he was greeted by a brand new aid bot and even it was not at full capacity, Mark shook his head at the state of disrepair. The Maintenance Man (1) ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark had come a long way.

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How the hell do you misspell destroy
Touya mochizuki
I m like in love with him
Yukihana lamy
He didnt cum tho