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#190701 - I stroked her face with my finger across her lips, over her chin down her neck, tracing my finger down to her breast, then slowly circling her nipple watching it respond and harden, I licked her lips and pulled away watching as she opened her mouth ready for my kiss, I touched her tongue with my finger and returned to her nipple to smear the saliva over it repeating it until her nipple glistened, then I blew on it turning the saliva cold, her nipple hardened more, I couldn't resist it and sucked the nipple into my mouth, moistened it again and blew it to make it cold. If you don't want me too I won't. I licked her neck down her shoulder and started to stroke my tongue over her armpit, she laughed caught her breath then stopped, See I can stop myself if I want to.

Read Toilet Oh, Commie and Copper - Touhou project Pussy Oh, Commie and Copper

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Arata sagimori
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Miku kohinata
Very sweet hentai