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#426463 - Looking my best i walked out my room and into the kitchen seeing my mother cooking breakfast she immediately noticed that i was overly dressed and politely and curiously asked me if i was meeting someone at school i quickly nodded in left to right motion saying no! I got to my bus stop and onto the bus when i finally arrived at school and out of the bus it was 8:55 just 10 minutes before school was to start so i went into the court yard where i stood and talked to my friends before class started i told them about what had happened days before they were in shock and disbelief saying that would never happen and thinking i was lying but not taking notice by their reactions i Walked into the east hall building as the bell rang. i then quickly asked the girls what did they want from me,their response, you we want you. ;end part two; If you like what you read so far send comments if you want the next 12 parts.

Read Scandal Kozuta Natsuki wa Gaman Dekinai Masterbate Kozuta Natsuki wa Gaman Dekinai

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Yzak joule
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I wish this have subtitles