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#147495 - Harvey followed after me but the officer told him to carry on through customs i manged to shout to harvey get my mom here the man took me to a interview room then the man told me to sit down in a firm voice so i did he said can you tell me your name? please sure its Leonardo Spencer the officer said to me you full name please say this in a much firmer tone so i answered him saying Leonardo Nicolas Matthew Spencer your intering the country from Italy is that correct yes it is where was you born there in LA we have reason to belive your trying to enter this country alegaly are you for real im an american citerzean there was a knock on the door and another officer entered the room his attonry is here when my mom entered the room i went to run to her but the officer loudly shouted at me to sit down having one hand over the top of his gun so did as he said my mom handed the man a white envolope he opened it and read my certifate of birth and a few other documents

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