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#246717 - I quickened my stroking, Lynda closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and began breathing deeper letting out low moans and whimpers while softly telling me to stop, l ignored her please and worked my finger faster, Lynda grabbed my hand and held it in place between her legs then slammed them closed, throwing her head back she began wriggling in her chair. Julia rolled onto her back with her head over the side of the bed she licked and sucked my cock then lifted her knees and spread them, l brought the cane down between them with a whoosh striking her pussy lips, Julia screamed and slammed her knees shut like a clam then spread her knees once more for me to whip with the cane. I took hold of Lyn by the hips pulled her onto my cock and began pumping another sticky load deep inside her, she through her head back gulping in mouthfuls of air and convulsing on my cock as l shot load after load up inside her.

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Akira kenjou
His talking ruined it for me lol
Midori imai
Small dick
Thankyou as did i enjoy that