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#19757 - I slurped on his fat cock and let it out of my mouth to get to his big hairy nutts i jacked his fat rod as I sucked one of his balls, i had found this to be very pleasurable to nate he likes when i put his balls in my mouth and jacked his tool i gently worked his balls with my tongue. we had two more hours to spare and he rested his head on my chest never in my life have i felt anything so mind blowing before he said me either we layed naked in my bed for a hour kissing touching and talking then we took a shower together i washed him he washed me we both got dressed we sat on the bottom step over looking the front door and kissed Bellini i think your the best kisser i said same to you barett he said with a smile we stood up and he kissed me on my forehead and left i closed the door , sure my ass was a little sore but what happened in my room was the best thing that ever happened to me , but i was suppose to hate him and my intentions were to use what i did with him the fi

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Itsuki nakano
Very nice
Kaya miyoshi
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Miss crane
Blue sofa and red pillows socks on for sex this couple is an epic example of bad taste