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#207954 - I stopped for a second, then eased out, returning just as deep, then repeated that a few times, her sphincter now taking my cock easy, so a gentle push and another inch sunk inside her, she didn't pull forward this time, so slowly I worked the rest in, now she was beginning to ease back onto me, once I was balls deep I told her and began in earnest to fuck her ass. Well Lyn being Lyn, I knew what she was doing, she sat up some, her ass still over Gretchen face, then I heard a muffled fart, then Gretchen gagging and sputtering under her, Lou's cum was being pushed out, I moved around to see, Gretchen was covered in cum, her face and boobs soaked. Lou had his shower and came out and dried off, Gretchen now the only one dressed, with a shy smile, she put her fingers under the thin straps on her dress and let it slip down, now totally naked her slim body looked even better.

Read Cuzinho 彼女が痴漢に堕ちるまで〜イジられ過ぎて…もうイッちゃう!〜 Vergon 彼女が痴漢に堕ちるまで〜イジられ過ぎて…もうイッちゃう!〜

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