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#200960 - She thought the cock she was sucking on was similar to her husband’s and she thought to herself she would have to have Jim remove his pubes some time as she liked the smooth feel of the electrician and she liked the feelings he was forcing upon her pussy, that’s right she reminded herself, he’s forcing me to suck him and he’s forcing me to take this vibrator up my cunt, I’ve got to get him to have his jolly’s as fast as I can and then perhaps he will leave, so sucking, licking, harder and faster she went until suddenly the electrician pulled out. I went and took the wine cask out of the warm water and filled the enema bag before joining her in the shower, on seeing the enema bag Jan’s curiosity got the better of her and she asked “what’s that?” Instantly I applied a smack to her right buttock whilst reminding her that slaves do not question their master and to bend over, inserting the nozzle to her bottom I advised her to stand up and to hold in the red wine which was now being inser

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