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#295600 - She did not know that I was taking pictures with my cell phone throughout the whole week and even after when there was an opportunity, like when she was bending over cleaning the fireplace or the cat litter or just out of the shower and getting dressed. Sex in a new position or location, Slide up and drip the come from your pussy all over me after we fuck then make me lick your pussy clean while you lick me clean, wear only sexy see through nigh ties while we are home and no panties (which really is not a problem since she does not wear panties most of the time at home) finally all dirty panties for the next year are to be placed under my pillow for me. A few times I did get to tie her up and blind fold her I would use her toys or Ice maybe finger her eat her then it happened I left my phone at the gas station we someone found it and they went through the contacts found my home number and called to arrange for me to pick it up ,we met at the same gas station I left it at as we were

Read Picked Up Astolfo to Yoru no Chaldea - Fate grand order Romance Astolfo to Yoru no Chaldea

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