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#327287 - They were fucking, the rhythm picked up, the moans from Scott got louder and more erotic, Ben pushed and pulled faster, enjoying the tightness of his brothers ring around his dick, the warmth inside him bathing his cock with what felt like warm juices, Both boys got carried away, as their breathing and moans got faster and louder, as Ben’s balls slapped off his brothers ass, it all came to a massive climax, Scott’s ass tightened around Ben’s cock he could feel his brothers insides throb and shudder, then his own body went into spasm he pushed as far inside Scott as he could and for the third time in just over an hour he ejaculated spattering his brothers insides with his thick creamy boy cum. Note from the author. This was their night, their night of discovery, Never in their young lives had they felt so much as one, yea they had always been close, but this was a closeness that neither of them could have ever imagined, They both declared love for each other, but this was

Read Juggs Sengokukun ga Waruindayo...? - Ensemble stars Gaybukkake Sengokukun ga Waruindayo...?

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Secret haha malay mo nakasalubong mo na pala ako