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#277380 - As the sunlight burst forth, Ron stared straight at his bedroom window, seeing the same curtains wave in the light breeze. As her ass faced his direction, he yelled up, “ Ma’am, can you hear me, please help!” For a second, she held still, then slowly the blond turned her beautiful head back, revealing her sexy face. While she stared down at him, he yelled up to her female glory, asking, “ Let’s talk, what are you gonna do with me, I wanna get back to normal!” As an evil grin crossed her face, she responded, “ I said kiss those shoes!” Raising the sole of her left pump, she brought it over his tiny head, exclaiming, “Are you gonna do as I say, or do I have to kill you?” Terrified, the four inch high man went to his tiny knees and began kissing the front of her stiletto masterpieces.

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