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#41667 - Friends of ours at the time Sally and Chris, used to hold orgies, as did we, we took turns either holding them at thier house or ours, Sally was a well built girl, with a small body but nice tits, Chris was well hung, we had swung with them many times, and enjoyed thier company too. From under her, I saw Grant slip his cock in Sally's ass, and fuck her hard, as some one else fucked my ass for me too, it was lucky I was laying down my body was shaking with orgasm so much my muscles had gone soft, Sally griunted as Grant thrust in hard, his cum filling her ass too, then his cock slipped out hitting my face and shooting more cum over me. They had fun washing the dry cum of me, before we ate a much needed breakfast, our boys playing out back left us to head of to bed once more for another fuck, his time Grant fucked my ass while Shelia licked my clit, pulling out to shot his cum over my ass and her face, we then took turns licking it off her face.

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Goro akechi
Elle a un cul magnifique
Aoi yamada
I wish i could be the lucky one to drink the tasty liquid
Misogi kumagawa
Love her face
Kasumi chigusa
What her name