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#96777 - There had been two men sitting on the grass, watching the game, and they had followed him in and asked if he was tired after all the exertion and he laughingly said he was sweating and all hot and bothered. Mother was in a good mood and we had a laugh before she started to make sure we were washed properly, getting my brother to stand up in the bath while she rinsed him down. I might have been young and naive but I knew that much about the birds and the bees and told him so and it was his turn to laugh and he eased just a little more in as I said it would have to be a small one for it to go in there, he answering that I would be very surprised how big a one I would be able to take.

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Mir lotus
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Minori watanabe
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She is cute lucky bastard
Kousuke izumi
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