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#225812 - It looked like and ordinary butt plug with a pointy end tapering up to a thick shoulder and then down to a smaller handle, but the difference was that this was a double butt plug that had one at each end and I realised that I was to be impaled on one end and mum the other. It was then decided that a new game would be played where half of us would all be on our hands and knees and the other half would fuck our arses for about a half a minute and then move along to the next until the first fucker would get to the end person being fucked and when finished his 30 seconds would get down on his hands and knees at the end on the row and the first one getting arse fucked would then become a fucker and the process would continue until all had spunked and as you spunked you would be out of the game. The men then lifted Tina again and lowered her down whilst two of the men held her cunt open with their fingers until the fat end just entered her and they removed their hands.

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Aoba watase
Moron looks russian to me or eastern europe
Luna noa
Pretty girl got it good