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#399375 - Louis during a nice Indian Summer!!! My best friend from high school, Lucy, and I went to the lake for some late season sunning!!! It was so nice we took off our bras and sunned in the topless!!! While we were lying there, I told her all about the girls in the our house back at Tech and how it seemed like one big orgy!!! She confessed that it was pretty much that way at State U, and that she and her roomie ate each other out just about every night!!! We were really getting hot telling each other our stories, and pretty soon we were both turned over on our sides and let our boobs squish together!!! Oh my, did that feel nice!!! Even though Betty Sue and I have a lot of hot sex, we really don't kiss much, but out there by the lake Lucy gave me the sweetest kiss I've ever had!!! With are boobs nipple to nipple, our kiss was unbelievably erotic, and before I knew it, we were both reaching into each other's panties and doing each other's clit!!! As much as I like my room

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