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#70031 - and that, dear friends, is why the President and I both hope that you will support him as he tries to pass the all important spending cap legislation now before the House, thank you for your time, good night!!! Jennifer Boyle, the wife of the president, made her way through the clapping throng on her way to the rear exit of the grand ball room in the Century Towers Hotel. A limo with a phalanx of Secret Service agents were waiting to escort her back to the White House, while she and her body agent, Jimmy Knox and his assistant Bill Dooley all climbed onto the service elevator for the twenty floor ride down to the basement! Two agents waited impatiently by the elevator doors waiting for car number seven to arrive, but it never did!!! Ten minutes later they found the elevator stuck between floors with agents Knox and Dooley lying unconscious on the elevator floor with the First Lady nowhere to be seen!!! Special Agent Amber Combs surveyed the situation, and with a heavy heart dialed th

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