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#42887 - As Goldie walked through the forest he stumbled upon something unexpected, the sight of a large cabin nestled in a small clearing, he couldn’t believe his eyes; in all his travels to and from neighboring town Goldie had never heard of anyone actually living in the forest. Who’s first?” The Older Bear asked casually shifting the point of his finger between The Oldest and The Young Bear, “I’Am” The Oldest Bear declared, Goldie looked around at The Three Bears in confusion while The Oldest Bear reached down and roughly rolled Goldie over onto his back. Goldie was now boxed in by The Three Black Bears without a clear path of escape but he wasn’t afraid though who could say if it was bravery in the face of danger or ignorance to his situation.

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Ruby rose
I came so hard multiple times wishing i was him and she was doing me
Did someone count how many creampies she received in this hentai