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#297481 - Markus had undressed and climbed onto the bed and put his fat arm under his Aunts head then waved his hand for me to stand back against the wall. Opening the walk in wardrobe and going in l called out was there anything special he would like me to wear, ‘something blue’ Markus answered, so picked out a lacy matching bra and knickers with a sky-blue dress just above the knee then came out of the wardrobe and gave a twirl and by the smile l got had picked the right clothes, he kissed me and we went to the lounge for more than a few glasses of wine. When l lifted my dress to peel down my knickers Markus told me to leave them on and stand in the shower and piss myself l kept my dress raised stood with my legs apart and slowly began to pee, my golden shower soaked the crutch of my knickers then began to ran down my legs Markus insisted l pee faster the puddle at my feet spread then trickled into the drain.

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