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#290739 - And before the men were purchased they were made to come on comand into a stone bowl and the sperm was then avaluwaited for thikness and volume. The little girls were not initially informed of this but all eight year old trainees where placed on strict sperm diets and for the first three days the children would eat nothing but sperm. There was not one slave that did not posses a meat stick that was not nine inches long.

Read Ethnic Shoujo Ga Kaeru Machi 2 - Original Amigo Shoujo Ga Kaeru Machi 2

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Daiki asuka
What great scenery would have loved to be there
Raishin akabane
What is john doing in the middle of a fucking field
Lol what
Reinforce zwei
Hope my wife is not there
Celes chere
No socks babe