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#238226 - Teri, finally pulling away from the warm buttery vagina, waited to get her kiss from her wonderful hostess and friend and sighed softly, Thank you, Vic, for a wonderful afternoon, the best I've had in years, just before the two old friends kissed each other tenderly, relishing the taste of Minh Su's juices which still covered Teri's face. Vicki quickly brought the young girl up to speed on Teri's situation at the hotel, and soon sent her on her way to retrieve her luggage. Minh Su, called Vicki, would you please come over here and help me with a little problem I'm having? Teri couldn't believe what was happening and in a low voice hissed, Are you crazy, she can see everything!?! Vicki just ignored the conflagrations of her friend, and waited calmly for Minh Su.

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