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#280375 - With the sun shining through the windows, I wake up and look at the clock it was just after 11am, I turn towards you and look at you while you sleep, you are so beautiful, with the covers half on and half off of you, I see your perfect curves as I run my eyes over your body and I can feel my cock begin to stir, so at that moment I decided that the day should begin. Now I pick up the bill as we are on our way out the door, our dining experience had been excellent and I would give it a five star rating, for food, service and atmosphere, as well as five stars for the before dinner appetizers and extra desserts not listed on the menu and you were very delicious mmmmmmmmm! After the day we had I suggested we go for a ride and relax a little you agree, so we took about an hour drive holding each other close, we arrive home shortly before 10pm,we get undressed and take a shower, when we are through, we crawl into bed next to each other holding each other intimately close as we f

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Love it
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Beautiful body