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#211735 - She walked down the stairs and waiting in the hallway were Don and Ray his size shocked her has did his thuggish demeanour, without saying a word he looked her up and down before nodding slightly towards Don. Dinner that evening was eaten in silence both Amber and Don were lost in there own thought's, Amber new that in two hours she would be with a complete stranger his sex toy how could this have happened, would he be cruel what would he expect of her but what shocked her most she thought most would she enjoy having a new lover. Ray took in the view before him moving one of his fat fingers across her twat lips she was opening like a rose bud, she leant in towards the sofa to show him she liked what he was doing and to open her wet minge some more for this stranger.

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Lebia maverick
My wife did this before we started dating now i kinda want to see her do it again
Asuka langley soryu
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